Waze now works together with Apple CarPlay’s multiscreen dashboard

(Image source: MacRumors)

Following a lengthy duration of testing, Waze finally supports Apple CarPlay’s multiscreen dashboard mode.

CarPlay went through a massive overhaul this past year at WWDC 2019. There, Apple announced that CarPlay would finally have the ability to show multiple apps simultaneously having its new multiscreen dashboard mode.

And captured, this multiscreen dashboard mode got improved further when Apple finally permitted it to show third-party apps. Up to then, you can just use Apple Maps.

Though Apple Maps has improved considerably since its beginning, many users like Waze because of its real-time traffic information. The opportunity to let users share traffic and road details are another thing that motorists appreciate along with other navigational apps lack.

In case your in-vehicle entertainment system does not support CarPlay, take a look at Pioneer’s and Sony’s latest.

Source: MacRumors