Dyson’s new Lightcycle Morph lamp is a great lamp that melds versatility and elegance

Dyson’s new Lightcycle Morph lamp is a great lamp that melds versatility and elegance

Note: This short article was initially printed on 1 March 2020.

Dyson Lightcycle Morph (Image source: Dyson)

After conquering your carpets and crown, Dyson is popping its focus on other parts of your house. Satisfy the new Lightcycle Morph.

To be certain, this isn’t Dyson’s first lamp (there’s the very first Lightcycle), but this is really it’s most intelligent and versatile.

The Lightcycle Morph will come in two variants: desk and floor, and 2 colours: black on black and silver on white-colored. I’ve been while using silver on white-colored desk variant within the last couple of days and i believe it appears functional and industrial, but additionally stylish simultaneously. I believe its brushed aluminium finish is the reason why it look so chic.

Anyhow, it shares most of the same tech because the first Lightcycle but it’s more flexible – therefore, the Morph moniker.

The head features high quality LEDs and swivels and rotates. (Image source: Dyson)

Dyson states it’s four lamps in a single and can be used an indirect light, an activity light, an element light, or being an ambient light.

To achieve that, the stand is capable of doing swivelling freely on its base. The arm rotates and swivels too, so users have lots of versatility in directing the sunshine. My only gripe is it isn’t height adjustable. They point up for the ceiling or wall, or lower onto a table or sofa. You will find a magnetic sealing mechanism that turns the Lightcycle Morph into something similar to a glow stick (very awesome).

The easiest method to show this really is to look at this video.

Multiple modes aside, its lamp may also adjust to your career and time. The Lightcycle Morph’s six vibrant Brought lights – three warm, three white-colored – can rapidly switch and blend to supply a wide spectrum of white-colored to warm lighting.

Which reminds me, they are top quality Brought lights operated by a Dyson-designed custom Brought driver. What this means is even, consistent, and vibrant lighting.

It is also created to last too. Brought lights warm up which may affect durability. To guarantee the lights stay awesome, the Lightcycle Morph utilizes a vapour chamber copper heatpipe to attract heat from the light. By doing this, Dyson claims the LEDs may last for as much as six decades.

There's also a Floor variant for those looking for a standing floor lamp. (Image source: Dyson)

You are able to pair the lamp for your phone using the Dyson Link application in order that it can adjust to where you are and time. Used by doing this, it provides off white-colored light within the day and progressively transitions to warm light throughout the evening and night that will help you wind lower.

You may also enter your birth year and also have the lamp adjust for the age. Apparently, a 65-year-old needs four occasions around light to determine clearly like a 20-year-old.

Dyson states this really is crucial and useful also it helps tweak our ‘circadian rhythm’ – the flamboyant term for the own body clock.

I’ve only used it within the last couple of days and so i can’t provide a verdict with that yet. Things I can tell for the time being would be that the Lightcycle Morph is wonderfully built, quite simple to put together and employ, and offers high-quality light.

I additionally like how there is a built-in USB-C charger that gives 7.5W of charging. That’s very convenient for charging phones and tablets, even when not really effective and fast.

So far, I'm loving the Lightcycle Morph. But like other Dyson products, it comes with a hefty price tag.

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph can be obtained now and also the Desk variant costs S$799 as the Floor variant is S$1,199. Both variants can be found in black on black and white-colored on silver to fit your homes. You can purchase them in the Dyson website.

To see them, you can check out the Dyson Service Center &amp Demo Store at Capitol Piazza and Dyson Demo Zone at Westgate Mall.