Apple stated to become thinking about removing charging cables later on iPhones

Apple said to be considering the removal of charging cables in future iPhones

(Image source: @salman_majeed97/Unsplash)

First power adapters now chargin cables. A report says Apple is weighing the removal of the included charging cable.

Customers of iPhone 12 are now receiving surveys and being asked if they found any of the items that came with the phone useful. This includes the charging cable, SIM ejections tool, and Apple stickers.

Earlier this year, Apple asked customers similar questions which resulted in the removal of power adapters and EarPods.

Apple justified the move by saying that most customers have no need for these accessories and that removing them reduces waste and also results in a slimmer packaging that is more efficient to manage.

Like any other major company, Apple routinely conducts surveys to find out what customers think of their products and how they use them. But knowing Apple’s disdain for cables and as wireless charging becomes more mainstream, it’s certainly plausible that Apple will one day ship iPhones without charging cables.

Personally, I’m fine without charging cables and I could easily use paper clips to remove the SIM card, but please don’t take away the stickers.

Source: AppleInsider