Apple rumoured to be switching to smaller, more efficient GaN chargers

The Aukey's 100W Omnia charge is 66% smaller than a 13-inch MacBook Pro's 61W charger.

A report from DigiTimes says Apple is planning a switch to smaller and more efficient GaN chargers.

The report said that Navitas Technology is expected to get orders for such chargers this year and will receive a supply of GaN chips from TSMC.

GaN chargers are based on gallium nitride which is more efficient and conducts heat less effectively than silicon. This allows manufacturers to make them smaller and lighter. 

Brands like Aukey, Anker, Belkin, and a host of other Chinese companies are all selling GaN chargers.

In fact, at CES 2020 last year, Aukey showed off a 100W charger that can fit into the palm of your hands and is smaller even than a 61W charger from Apple.

Though Apple no longer provides chargers with its phones and watches, these new GaN chargers could find their way into iPads and MacBooks, whose higher power requirements make them ideal for a switch to GaN chargers.

Source: DigiTimes