AirPods Max teardown reveals an incredible quantity of electronics in a set of earphones

(Image source: iFixit)

Individuals at iFixit are in it again, they’re using the AirPods Max apart.

Firstly, iFixit reports the AirPods Max are difficult to consider apart. Apart from screws, the headphone can also be held together by glue. iFixit needed to heat the earphones to disassemble completely.

Clearly, the 2 40mm motorists dominate but additionally there is a startling quantity of electronics inside.

Interestingly, the logic boards for every cup differs and also the batteries are just found within the ear cups. How Apple were able to disguise the load of those batteries is admirable.

Apple has stated the AirPods Max were designed for durability even though the earpads can be simply replaced and also the headband may also be swapped operating, they did not mention anything concerning the batteries.

But worryingly, iFixit has not found any apparent connectors for that batteries that could make battery replacements a untidy affair. 

Still, they stated this teardown continues to be a piece happening which they’ll update their findings within the next couple of days. Fingers entered.

We’ll be also updating this short article whether they have more to talk about.

 Source: iFixit