5G conspiracy theorists are putting their Wi-Fi routers in Faraday cages to safeguard themselves

5G conspiracy theorists are putting their Wi-Fi routers in Faraday cages to safeguard themselves

Faraday Defense (Image source: Amazon)

It might appear that 5G conspiracy theorists are in possession of another axe to grind. And it is Wi-Fi routers.

Apparently, placing Wi-Fi routers in Faraday cages has become a factor. These cages possess some wonderful claims which include shielding users from 95% of dangerous EMF RF waves and supplying a method to balance the part of routers but keeping EMF signal power lower to some safe level.

Now, I’ve no doubts these Faraday cages, if designed correctly, will competently block Wi-Fi signals. In the end, that is what a Faraday cage should really do, but Wi-Fi signals aren’t considered to be dangerous whatsoever.

To become obvious, Wi-Fi routers work in the same manner all as other types of wireless technology including Radio, cellular (4G and 5G), Bluetooth, and heck, even your traditional TV and air-conditioner controllers.

It is dependant on transmitting and receiving signals with a couple area of the electromagnetic spectrum. And negligence the spectrum which is used with this is harmless. It’s a kind of non-ionising radiation meaning it does not have sufficient energy to maneuver any electrons or degrade cells.

When you are looking at dangerous radiation, you’re most likely considering things like Ultra violet sun rays and X-sun rays, you will find, they are dangerous but they’re also on the different spectrum.

Wi-Fi typically are operating in the 2.4GHz to 5GHz range while X-sun rays are around 30 petahertz to 30 exahertz. In the event that seems like a great deal that’s since it is, 30 petahertz is 30,000,000 GHz. Quite simply, you are more inclined to get zapped from standing under the sun than from sitting alongside a router.

What’s amusing, however, are the reviews that complain regarding their Internet no longer working after placing their routers within the cage. Why they’d complain is beyond me since it appears in my experience the method is working just as it had been intended – that is what goes on whenever you place your router inside a Faraday cage, people.

Also amusing would be the Faraday cages which i encounter which seem to be simply shoddily made mesh containers. Just check out the main one above. And they’re charging US$68.89 for this! Now, when compared to Faraday cages that really work, it is really an outright scam.

Anyway, the key takeaway is that this: do not place your router with any type of a cage should you expect results.

If for unkown reasons you’re still sceptical concerning the harmfulness of Wi-Fi, then please turn to traditional wired Ethernet. Anything you do, don’t place your router with any type of box and expect it to still work. These boxes cannot remove the “dangerous” results of radiation but still carry data for your devices. Wi-Fi does not work this way.

Source: The Verge